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The bin_hex kit is useful for teaching binary, decimal and hexadecimal number systems. It was redesigned in Jan. 2014, and again in 2015 to reduce cost. It has the advantage of being a hands-on tool that helps add some energy to the teaching of an otherwise difficult and boring subject (not to me!).

The bin_hex board has an 8-bit counter that is displayed in binary (8 LEDS) and in either decimal or hexadecimal. There is an auto mode, where the counter increments in 1 second intervals. In the manual mode, the count is advanced by pressing the INCR button. The count can be reset to 0 by pressing the reset button. There is also a DEC/HEX switch that selects the base of the count value displayed in the 3 digit display. This selection will allow a quick conversion of the current count value between decimal and hexadecimal.

When teaching the class, I hand one board to each scout. They press the appropriate buttons to advance the counter to a given number, and then read out the count in binary, decimal and hexadecimal. This has proven to be a popular item, though it may partially be because it wakes them up during a difficult part of the class.

The board is powerd by 3 AA batteries (batteries are not included with the kit).

  •      Assembled Kit

  •  Unassembled Kit

Cost of a kit is $20 (reduced from $24), which includes taxes (if applicable) and shipping.

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